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Enjoy Your Backyard, Itch-Free!

It’s hard to enjoy relaxing outside in the warm weather when mosquitoes are leaving you with itchy bites and the threat of disease. With Bama Exterminating’s mosquito control in Tuscaloosa, you can relax and enjoy your yard with peace of mind!

The Bama Guarantee

We believe in doing the job right the first time. We’re so confident in our services that if pests persist, we’ll come back and retreat for FREE!

Local Service From Your Neighbors

Bama is locally-owned and operated, so you can feel good about partnering with your fellow neighbors and supporters in the community!

Transparent Communication

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service & transparent communication, so we’ll always keep you in the loop!

Courteous and professional, not to mention prompt. Service was excellent.


Mosquito Control in Tuscaloosa

Mosquitoes can be annoying when you're trying to enjoy some quality time with your family in the backyard. On top of that, these blood-sucking pests can carry dangerous transmittable diseases like Zika and Malaria. With confirmed cases of Zika in Alabama, it is more important than ever to add as many levels of defense as possible to protect your family.In Alabama, the bugs like to bite, especially during hot months like June through September. With mild winters, you may even start seeing mosquitoes as early as March. As soon as the weather starts getting warm, it’s time to break out the grill and invite over some friends. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the fun and threaten the health of you and your family! We offer regular treatments that recur on a monthly basis, so you can reduce the risk of you or your family contracting a mosquito borne illness.

Relax All Summer—Mosquito-Free!

Our treatments focus on protecting you and your family. We extensively train our technicians to provide quality services at a standard of which we are proud. We aim to have friendly and informative customer service that serves your needs and protect your home. Our process includes:

  • Treatment of your lawn, shrubbery, and trees
  • Elimination of standing water
  • Transparent communication
  • Prevention tips from our experts

When it comes to protecting your yard, we tailor our treatments to fix the needs of your property. Whether it's finding and eliminating areas where mosquitoes breed or treating tall trees and shrubs, our expert technicians make sure your yard is getting the attention it needs. 

Solutions Guaranteed To Give Relief

Our mosquito treatments in Tuscaloosa are designed to be effective after just one treatment. We guarantee all of our services and will return to re-treat if your problem persists, at no additional charge to you. Let Bama Exterminating add a level of protection to your backyard this summer and see what worry-free relaxation feels like!

Ready for a mosquito-free summer?

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