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Our Pest Control Services

If you're tired of sharing your home with pests, you're in the right place! Bama Exterminating are the experts at eliminating pests and preventing them from coming back. If you're ready to kick these unwanted visitors out, let us help. Explore our pest control services below and find the one you need!

Pest Control

Our expert exterminators here at Bama Exterminating are highly-trained to eliminate your pest problems and restore your peace of mind. Save $65 on recurring pest control when you sign up today!Learn more

Termite Control

Termites cause more costly damage than floods, fires, or windstorms combined. Let Bama keep your home safe from costly termite damage with our professional termite services!Learn more

Mosquito Control

With over 35,000 species that can carry dangerous diseases and ruin your time outside, mosquitoes are no joke. Let Bama get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard and protect your loved ones today! Save $75 now!Learn more

Bed Bug Control

Ready to get rid of bed bugs and sleep soundly tonight? We use heat and chemical treatments that eliminate bed bugs in one day. Call today to schedule!Learn more

Rodent Control

Rodents can not only cause damage to your property, but they also carry dangerous diseases that can harm your family’s health. Let our exterminators at Bama kick rodents to the curb once and for all!Learn more

Wildlife Control

Having wildlife in or around your home can cause serious damage, spread disease, and put your family and pets' well-being in danger. Call Bama to get rid of wildlife quickly and safely!Learn more