Protect Your Home From Costly Termite Damage!

Every year, these destructive insects cause more costly damage than floods, fires, or windstorms – and need only 1/64th of an inch to enter your home.

Let Bama Exterminating keep your home safe from costly termite damage with our professional termite control services!

It starts with a Free Inspection

Inspections done by a trained professional are essential to help protect your home from wood destroying organisms. We always start here, then plan out the best treatment methods fit for you and your property. We also include free annual inspections with all of our Termite Contracts!

Bait Stations

Along with liquid treatments, we also offer Sentricon System bait stations as a great termite control option! These stations are placed in the ground around the perimeter of your house, approximately 10 feet apart. Similar to non-repellent liquid treatments, bait stations give the termite poison to carry back to the colony and eliminate the source of a termite problem. To ensure long-term elimination, we’ll return annually to check the traps and make sure there isn’t an issue.

Liquid Termite Treatments

Liquid treatments are designed to create a protective barrier around your home. They are applied by spraying the product beneath the foundation where subterranean termites live. The product is undetectable to termites when they pass through it. They return to their colony and groom their fellow termites, spreading the product throughout the entire colony.

We Also Provide

Pre-Construction Treatments

If you are building a new home, commercial property, or even doing a renovation, we provide pre-construction termite treatments. This is the best way to protect a large investment from termite damage. 

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

If you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home, your lender will probably require a Wood Infestation Report (sometimes called a WIR, WDO, Termite Letter, Wood Clearance Letter, etc).Even if it is not required, a report is always a good idea when buying property. It typically is one of the least expensive parts of the process, but can save you thousands in the long run. 

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